Sunday 10-4
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4


We are open for eggs Friday through Sunday.

 Our COVID-19 Process for Egg Sales:

With the recent developments around the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we want to be sure everyone stays healthy and safe when you come to the farm.  We expect to remain open and provide you with the fresh eggs you love to eat during this time.  To ensure your health and safety we have made a few changes:

 •  We ask you to be respectful and allow everyone space to select and pay for eggs.  Our self-serve retail store is small and does not allow the recommended 6 ft spacing between people.  Please ensure there is only one person in the stand at a time. 

 •  We are frequently sanitizing contact surfaces including the refrigerator door, lock box, etc.

 •  We are NO LONGER accepting egg cartons - when this policy changes we will let you know. During this time please recycle or dispose of all cartons  appropriately at your home. 

•  You are encouraged to inspect eggs but as a courtesy to all, please DO NOT TOUCH the eggs

Remember, you can help keep everyone around you safe during this difficult time by following the basics:
     •  proper hand washing
     •  don't touch your face with unwashed hands
     •  use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when possible
     •  avoid crowded places and
     •  practice healthy hygiene

Please do all you can to keep healthy and stay safe.


Pets are not allowed on the farm for the protection of our livestock as well as consideration for other customers.  Follow directions provided in our signs regarding accessible areas around the farm.  Keep in mind when we are closed during the week, the farm is closed to the public.  Thank you for respecting our farm and our home.